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Dispositif de transport de poubelles

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Garbage Can Hauling Device
Garbage Commander®

Garbage Can Hauling Device

How To Playlist

In the playlists, you will find the following videos for the Receiver Mounted, Ball and bolt Mounted as well as the Bumper Mounted Hook

Combo Hitch

Combo Hitch is a Ball conversion tool that allows you to haul both pin-hitched or handled lawn and garden equipment without having to remove the ball hitch!

The Garbage strap™ is great for people who leave their garbage cans outside. Garbage Straps™ are great to help with extra security, when your garbage can tips over, or when they are just overloaded. They are also great at keeping out the unwanted pest.

The Garbage Strap™ is as
EASY as 1, 2, 3!

Garbage Strap™

Odor Commander™

All Natural, Fast Acting, Powerful Odor Control Spray 22oz 

In a Lemongrass Scent

Here you will find all sorts of videos, from outtakes, parity videos, and just stuff to make you laugh!


I traveled miles to find real people with real garbage can struggles. We’ve interviewed 12 different people to get THEIR trash day troubles. Starting in January 2023 and on the first Monday of every month, we will introduce a new story. Some will make you laugh while others will make you scratch your head in wonder. This is their struggles, this is their stories.

My Stories

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