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Dispositif de transport de poubelles

L'entreprise de transport de déchets en laquelle vous pouvez avoir confiance

The Don'ts:

  • Don't leave nuts and bolts loose.

    • Make sure they are tight by using a tool

    • Just using your figure strength will not make them tight​

    • We use locknuts, They will "lock" the nut on the bolt, preventing it from coming loose when tightened properly

  • Don’t go over 15 MPH 

    • Why are you in such a hurry anyway, this beats walking

    • The rougher the surface the slower you should go

  • Don't overweight cans 

    • Not Manure!!

    • We have tested the units hauling 75 - 100 lbs of handle weight at an operating height between 14" - 21"

    • Click to see info

  • Handle Height being over 21"

    • Mounting the can handle too high will not put enough weight on the hauler causing the cans to want to tip upright​

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  • Don’t use on public roads

  • Dont forget the clips

    • ​​Using the clips will help keep the cans from tipping or coming loose while traveling​

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  • Don’t haul an odd number of cans on one side

  • Don't forget to remove the hauler

    • Remove hooks when not towing a can. This style unit can swing back and cause damage to the tow vehicle or hit tires on UTVs and UTVs​

  • Don’t back up with cans attached ​​