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Dispositif de transport de poubelles

Questions et réponses sur les dispositifs de transport de poubelles

  • I just put my garbage can hauling device together and it looks really low
    If you look at 98% of the other can hitch devices they are all "laying" more than standing. This is because if they are too high the cans will want to stand up and that will cause more stress of any of the can hauling devices out there. Our suggested height is 14"-21". It also has to do with weight distribution. Check out our Information page fore more details.
  • How do I order?
    Ordering is easy and secure using our website. If you want we can also accept an order via email or over the phone and send an invoice using PayPal.
  • What about Shipping?
    We process orders within 24 hours and ship using FedEx ground or USPS Priority Mail. We will notify you of your tracking number will be sent once the order is on its way.
  • Where will you ship?
    Anywhere, if it is not is the USA or Canada, give us a call and we will get pricing.
  • What if I live close and want to pick it up?
    We will call and set up a time that works for you to stop and pick up your order.
  • What about Returns?
    No problem if you are not happy with our product to get a full refund. Simply return the product in sell-able condition and we will give you a full refund. *Customers are responsible to pay the return freight.
  • What about really steep driveways?
    If you feel you might need to fasten the trash bins handle to prevent them from trying to lift off the hooks when towing down steeper driveways add our 1/4" x 2" PTO clips. They install in seconds and can stay on the unit if not needed.
  • Can I back up with cans attached?
    Garbage hooks are designed to be a towing device please don't back up with bins attached. This could cause damage to our product.
  • What color's do they come in?
    The only color we have is black. If you see any RED hooks or parts that is for display, video, instructions, etc. to help better see the product.
  • What happens if I bend a part?
    We sell parts, if you have questions on what parts you can always give us a call or email.
  • Why do I have square or round PTO clips and my instructions show the other style?
    The PTO hooks are subject to change. Depending on what supplier has them and how many we can get.
  • I am ordering this for someone else and I am not sure on all the details about their vehicle.
    Not a problem! We are here to help you try to figure it out or if they have the wrong style, we will swap it out with no shipping charge. (price may very from product to product)
  • Can the support arm hit my vehicle?
    Yes- normally your trail hitch is extended 8-10" this should leave for a large turning radius for going around curves before cans could touch the bumper.
  • The cans look really low when attached?
    Keep in mind our recommended height is 14" - 21". This will allow approximately 30% of the cans weight to be resting to the support arm.
  • I want to use a ball mounted hook, what do you recommend?
    You can use a 1 7/8" or 2" ball. A 2" ball will work the best.
  • Will it tow 2 large cans together?
    Yes, if you go with a single can hook we have the Can Coupler that would allow you to take more than one can at a time. All our products are 11ga steel and powder coated for longevity and durability.
  • I have a 32 gallon trash can. Does this work for me?
    The 32 gal containers are lower and depending on the receiver hitch height they might not tilt at the right angle. An easy way to see measures the receiver height and add 2" this will be where the arm for hauling would be set. If you have 14" at a minimum height then you should be able to use this.
  • Perfect Speed
    Don’t go over 15 MPH ​Why are you in such a hurry anyway, this beats walking The rougher the surface the slower you should go

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